Why Us

 Keynote iPhone GUI App Kit | App Mockup Tools

Which one is the Prototype?

Our iOS GUI Element Kits are pixel perfect so even you cant tell an iPhone screen capture from our App Mockup Tools prototype. Shhhh! Its the left one.

App Mockup Tools works with Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote is an industry recognized, easy to learn and use presentation and prototyping application. You can create beautiful app prototypes in minutes. It is so convincing you will swear Apple designed their iOS UI elements with it.

Keynote iPhone GUI Kit | App Mockup Tools

iPhone GUI Kit | App Mockup Tools 

Save Time and Money With Pre-Designed Kits

Our iOS GUI Element Kits get you up and running quickly. No need to design each element. Hundreds of Apple's most commonly used vector GUI elements are included. All accurately designed in Keynote. Buy once, play forever. No monthly fees like those other guys.

Simple Easy App Prototyping No Coding Required

By simply copy and pasting you can create stunning iPhone and iPad app prototypes or wireframes without knowing a line of code. Its that easy. Copy, paste, align, hyperlink to next slide.

iPhone Prototype | App Mockup Tools

Edit iOS GUI Elements | App Mockup Tools

Customizable Editable Elements

Each element in our kits are fully customizable. Edit color, stroke, shadow, shape, typeface and more all with a click or two. Copy classic Apple elements exactly or customize your own. Fast easy!

Change from Wireframe to Prototype in Minutes

By copy and pasting styles you can change from wireframe to a high-fidelity prototype in minutes. Gone are the days of redesigning prototypes.

iPhone Wireframe\Prototype | App Mockup Tools

App Prototype Collaborate | App Mockup Tools 

Annotate Share Collaborate with Clients Coworkers and Developers

App Mockup Tools prototypes can be shared easily at any time. Share via email, Youtube, Dropbox, iCloud, etc. Leave comments on stickies or box shapes. Your clients, and even users, can test your app and give feedback accordingly. Share the love!

Export as PNG, TIFF, PDF, KEY, PPT

Export your slides as PNG's or TIFF's for final production in Fireworks or other editing/design applications. No need to redesign them. Clickable PDF's can be exported to mobile devices and tested like a real app.

Keynote Prototype export | App Mockup Tools 

iPhone GUI Kit | App Mockup Tools

Copy and Paste to your Favorite Design Application

App Mockup Tools prototypes can easily be copied to your favorite design application. Just copy and paste. Save time, money and more importantly, look good!