Just Released: iPhone iOS GUI Element Kit for App Prototyping

Posted on February 04, 2013 by John Abernathy

iPhone iOS GUI Element Kit - App Prototyping



App Mockup Tools has released  our iPhone iOS GUI Element Kit - App Prototyping. It is an iOS GUI element kit filled with buttons, sliders, dials, keyboards, backgrounds, bars, lists, selectors icons, etc. All completely editable. Edit type, color, shadowing, size, etc. Quickly, easily create click-able interactive app prototypes. You can also share and annotate your app prototypes with clients and coworkers. Works with Keynote as an excellent app wireframing Tool! For iPhone 4/4S and 5.

iOS GUI Element Kit - Directions


Our iOS GUI Element Kits include simple directions to get you started. Apple's Keynote is an easy to use, easy to learn applications that is excellent for prototyping apps. You would swear Apple used it to create the commonly used app GUI elements. Its easy to start by opening your library and canvas files. Simply select an element from the library and copy and paste it into your canvas. Add slide pages and hyperlink them together to simulate a real app experience. You can change from portrait to landscape in the slide inspector window. Let us know if there are elements that you think should be included.

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Just Released iPhone: iOS GUI Element Kit for App Wireframing

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