App Mockup Tools Opening Day is Near!

Posted on August 24, 2012 by John Abernathy

App Sketchpads

App Mockup Tools Sketchpad

App Mockup Tools has been putting the finishing touches on our App Sketchpads. The overall color density has been toned down. This leads to a less distracting working environment. Also there is a light dot grid pattern to help your lines stay straight. Its all lighter that a number 2 pencil drawing to keep your designs prominent. Common iOS screen marking are included to mark Status Bar, Navigation Bar, Keyboard, Tab Bar and Toolbar.

iOS GUI Element Kits

App Mockup Tools iOS GUI Element Kit

Design and development has begun on the iOS GUI Element Kits. Initially there will be both 'Classic' and 'Wireframe' kits for iPhone and iPad. The 'Classic' kit is filled with completely editable GUI Elements that are commonly seen in iPhone iOS and in third party apps. i.e buttons, sliders, dials, keyboards, background, bars, etc. The 'Wireframe' Kit has 'wireframe' elements when you don't want design to get in the way. Nearly every element in all kits are completely editable in color, size, shadowing, type, line width, etc. App Prototypes can quickly be created with interactive, click-able links to their respective screens. All done with easy to use software you most likely already own and use. Not far after the release of 'Classic' and 'Wireframe' Kits, 'Custom' Kits will be announced. 

Thanks for so much feedback!

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Just Released iPhone: iOS GUI Element Kit for App Wireframing

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